Thursday, 20 August 2015


My previous posts speaks of connections we make with our learners, in particular the connections through the relationships we develop with the learners in our care.   This is a clip shared with me by an older friend.  I think it's worth your time to sit and watch.   Be reminded of how our connections set up the environment for learning - for achievement further than we can imagine.

After I watched this TED talk, I called a meeting with my son's Principal, I asked him if he would show this video during the next all staff meeting in November. He reviewed it, and said he'd be honored, and sincerely thanked me!~ Melanie Bell

Posted by Melanie Bell on Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday, 3 August 2015

Impact inquiry

Thinking and thinking before reacting. This is part in parcel of the impact I have experienced from my inquiry. Facts are presented as who did what to whom - teacher and student, my job now is to think about the wind that had the canoe (student) arrive where they have. Often this is NOT a quick process, I must reflect and tap into supports in my senior leadership team and colleagues.

 In our group sharing today I can draw parallels. In everyone's attention to breaking down the big picture to steps, scaffolding, detail - the content of the winds for our students. Regardless of whether it's a reading, maths, small group - behavioural - cognitive - there's a need to pay attention to the small that makes up the big.