Sunday, 18 September 2016

September Update

Student led learning requires a different approach to how one speaks and hooks students into learning. Creating the atmosphere and environment where students feel welcome to share their perspective. Then taking the next step of validating perspectives by including it in the learn, create and share - further than the small group discussions.

 The skills of allowing discussions to travel as well as curbing it in when needed has become a priority for me.   Being careful to value the opinions by recording it somehow in the learning process.  This has motivated the students so much more when going through the creating and sharing process.

 The effort to promote student agency can consume a lot of time - however is very valid as it helps to embed the learning for the students much more than the normal teacher chosen and led process.

 The students are participating in the learning actively with a clear understanding that their perspective is needed in the learn, then communicated in the create and sharing process.

 Next step: discovering more ways to encourage the student voice and agency whilst getting through the requirements of the curriculum in preparation for year 9 and further.

Alo mai ia lou foe!

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