Sunday, 26 February 2017

Map it out

Math inquiry
*Issue: breaking things right down - work out the building blocks are!  Gift and practice the necessary strategies and knowledge.
*Aim?  Map out clearly the path the target learners need  to become competent in their weaker areas of number.
* How?    Planning with the target learners and experts I have access to on our staff.  This will include use of wall displays that mark out 'Where we are' and 'Where we need to get to'.   Use of student knowledge IKAN forms.  Slow down and provide opportunities to 'show off' this knowledge!

A new year brings new students and another round of enthusiastic learners.   My maths class has these learners in all groups.   Where things are explained carefully the students are able to make connections and bring their understanding to the task at hand.

Most recently we sat an IKAN test - across classes in team 5.  These produced some interesting results which had teachers and students talking a lot!   I overheard reasons as to why some thought they did well and not so.   Some as simple as writing the answers across rather than down the columns.  Others - just found it too hard after a certain stage.   The voice and slides moved too quickly etc.

This was a great opportunity to set some individual and group goals.   My target group decided that we'd tackle one of our weakest strands as shown in the IKAN test - place value.  Our plan is to work on the next area of weakness until we are confident in all areas of number, ready to re-test through another IKAN in week 10.

An extra support will be that home learning will target the number strand also.

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  1. These students are really fortunate to have you as their teacher. You give them the confidence to front up to their weaknesses because they know they will be supported in their learning journey.
    You are an inspiration!