Monday, 3 April 2017

I know my results - I know my goal!

End of term
Action plan to date
On completion of our most recent IKAN and PAT maths assessments students have and will be 
1. analysing their personal data (what do the lines, numbers and dots mean?)
*Found with PAT it was challenging to do this as a group as the windows that pop up with explanation of marks.   Doing this as a group was not the way to go. 1-1 conferencing was much better.  Print outs to do whole groups teaching was not effective in that the finer detail was hidden.  

2. can explain their strengths and weaknesses (dialogic and  text/symbols in blog post) 
*Students spent some time looking at a rubric of iKan.  Coaching students into knowing how to use this against their own test paper took a little time.  Completed this with students, needed to set up a clear template to support their reflective post.   

3. learner access any time to individual sets of data to help set learning goal.   Goal is specific for target strand, determined by analysis in step 1.
*Students showed a greater interest in their own learning and progress after highlighting what areas of strength and weakness.   I am confident there has been a shift in engagement and a desire to learn more after making their data accessible with clear learning goals.  Learning goals: I have used this rubric to support our discussions.
4. Updated data: we have just completed another IKAN to capture progress from week 3.  Looking forward to sharing the results with you soon.

Read on for context of the group this inquiry uses.   

Mid term:
Target Group - Priority Learners?
7 children - majority are sitting below the national norm.   2 from 2016 data show to be at.  However small group conferencing and IKAN test it seems that they are sitting below.  The absence in results for IKAN, for 2 due to poor attendance and the other an incorrect filling out of answers.   I hope to test them this week to add their first round of data for 2017.

EthnicityYearOTJ 16Add/SubMult/DivFr/Pr/RaOverallNSFrPVBF
BoyCook Island866E666E654

Through empowering students to analyse and understand their own personal and group data, the students will accelerate their achievement and move into the 'At' and/or 'Above' in the number strand.  (Gloss, PAT and IKAN assessments)

End of term:
Target Group - Priority Learners

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  1. This is great feed back Andrea. I am interested to read about the challenges you faced with the PAT data I wonder if there might be other ways of displaying it for them? I expect you tried it all though