Friday, 11 August 2017

COL - my process so far

Let's walk it through:
1. Identify the challenge: acceleration of maths in year 7 - 10
2. HOW?   Empower students by showing them their data 
(Lenva & Jo)
3. Process: 
a. Identify areas of success / difficulty
b. Identify the WHY it was difficult 
c. Learn how to work through this - solve it!
4. Capture evidence of HOW to solve the problem 
5. Share providing evidence AND teach the next student!
Below is an example of student carrying out numbers 6 and 7.  Go here to see more from Hosea.

This week we have been learning to use 'screencastify'.  This was to explore the use of 'Screencastify' to explain how I/we problem solve.

 Can you see how I worked this problem out? Give me feedback if you think there's something else I could have added in my speech or screen capture.


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  2. Your inquiry focus is very similar to mine although my focus is in Reading. I agree with you that empowering students to analyse their own achievement is very powerful.

  3. Hi Andrea! I am also using data to show students their improvement /acceleration. We also set goals and regularly visit goals. Students also choose activities that will meet their goals. Andrea, in addition I found that lack of basic knowledge in maths also results in poor achievement. .Do you also find this?.