Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Language acquisition in DMIC - how to unlock this

Here are some notes I've compiled since returning to DMIC being in PES for 6 months now. I've found that the students are confident about the talk and roles in group. However my lack of knowledge and skill in the DMIC way - group norms and talk moves etc has caused student learning to slow down where it could be soaring :(  So time to get cracking and get up to speed!

  •  Draw attention to the very language you are wanting to promote with your learners. 
  •  Think through how to 'Package' the problems you want children to solve. 
  •  What are they actually solving? 
  •  What language are you using to enable students to connect with the DMIC problems? 
  •  Modelling of DMIC tutors I notice are gentle in sound and approach. 
  •  A lot of praise and encouragement for what the students share. 
  •  Knowing where to stop AND start talking as the teacher. 
  •  How to stay in the background where I'd normally be at the front of class doing all the talking. 
  •  Status being another feature to keep in mind when giving different roles to a team. 
  •  How this can turn the most shy into the most confident. Know the system well to make best use of it


  1. Hi Andrea,

    You make a great point about the importance of the group norms. I found it very easy to underestimate the importance of these - but the lessons do not work as well if the students aren't cued in to the norms and some talking frames.

    What do you think you will do when you establish your maths class next year?

  2. Hi Danni! So nice of you to stop by! I intend being more explicit for my own sake - have norms highlighted on board/wall/screen to remind me and students. Students will know them well from this year - it's me to catch up :) Thanks Danni!