Wednesday, 23 January 2019

What do you want a PES student to leave our school with? We've started!

What do you want a PES student to leave our school with?This is the question we asked ourselves in our very first team meet for 2019!
 Our meeting had us
 a. sharing holiday highlights
b.teacher reflections from end of 2018
c.goals that stem from reflection for 2019
d.what do we want our PES students leaving PES with when heading to college?

 A very productive meeting where we organised ourselves in regards to classroom operations BUT also reminded ourselves of the WHY behind what we do in Team 5. Why we have what we have...why we have all the extensions to the programme like

  • school wide values 'Kindness...better together etc'
  •  special reading groups
  •  sports teams and programmes
  •  tech@Tamaki
  • recycling and reusing
  • student leaders aspiring leaders
  • PENN
  • school korero
  • Te Reo 
  • karakia and himene
  • class treaty
  • ways of talking and listening and so much more.

 These are all part of achieving the goal of having students who possess the traits, values and characteristics stated in our hand drawn images here. Yes we even drew in our meeting this morning! Here's to 2019! Looking forward to working with our awesome Team 5 teachers!

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