Sunday, 3 March 2019

Lift lift, lifting reading higher (for our 'Tama').

This term my inquiry will be based upon this strand of the COL Achievement Challenge
Lift the achievement in Reading for all students, with a particular focus on boys and Māori students (both genders) years 1-13

Very clear messages were received in our most recent researchers report. We need to provide more opportunities for our students to simply read - that's right independently read. While learning experiences via activities and creative task help to embed new learning - the action of reading for a decent chunk of time is valuable too!

Core learning area (our of 3) I am inquiring into

2. The lenses I intend to use: I have highlighted 2 as I will consider these two strands when supporting learners in this inquiry. I am tempted to highlight all!
Learning Behaviour/ Managing Self/ Setting of Norms
Cultural Responsiveness

Wellbeing/ Hauora
Language Acquisition

Here is my actual inquiry along with ideas and strategies I have so far.

Inquiry Focus
Inquiry Question
Reading mileage for boys will increase when boys are coached to and regularly checked in with reading mileage in and out of school
Possible Strategies
What might work?
What can I try?
Ideas to investigate
Visit local libraries to engage with people and other resources that can support choice making around texts to read
Join online TC library, set a goal of one book a week for those who take chromebooks home.  Issue for home those who do not take chromebook
Notice home to engage whanau around increasing reading mileage for boys, have a signed system daily
Have a set group that includes girl readers who have not shifted in year

Action Plan - See Journey on Blog
What steps am I going to take to change my practice?
Mid year Reflection
End year Reflection
Work in actual lesson time to visit our school library, surf through TC online library and actual time to READ during week.   Do I need to consider furniture? Private areas for hard to focus students?
To comeTo come

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