Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Taha Challenge - your turn! Taha Tinana

Colleague Kiriwai Tapuke has created this site along with a team of her students who are all about 'Te Whare Tapawhā'. Challenges are put out regularly by students for students.
Go here to see to see Kiriwai's site and the great way it leads students through independent challenges that promote well being!  We are using it alongside our Easter Learning Journey to support our learners in this time of level 4 alert.

The challenges are based upon Te Whare Tapa Whā - four walls of a wharenui (meeting house) represent elements of hauora or health and wellbeing.

Taha hinengaro (mental health and emotions)
Taha wairua (spiritual health)
Taha tinana (physical health)
Taha whanau (healthy relationships).

 Today's challenge has us working on Taha Tinana - our physical health!  Take up the Taha Challenge!

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