Friday, 6 March 2020

#DFI25 - Digital Fluency Intensive group no.25

#DFI25.  Today we've started round 25 of DFI
Manaiakalani Kaupapa and Pedagogy
Background of Manaiakalani - where it all started.  In 2006 the journey began...well not really.
Prior to this there were two programmes running involving a cluster of schools.  One of these was the ICT PD.   As programmes do they come to an end.  A movement began to keep this cluster work going, it was more than ICT.   The cluster gatherings of teachers empowered more than individual schools - it reached our community.  We had to keep this going! 

A core set of principals decided to work together to continue these cluster gatherings that were opening doors between schools and whanau in Tamaki.  This rolled into a core group of lead teachers, whanau and students.   A core group that would trial and work through the choices to be made to set up a model for schools to use.

What's really neat for Sally and I - we were part of the journey from the beginning which is pretty special!   Here we are finally with Dorothy in DFI #25!  Choo hoo hoo!

To assist in improving my capability and workflow it's great to have had sessions today that lead us through some deep diving. Today our first deep dive was around google groups.  Tip - don't invite people to group ADD!
Tools to try out:

  • bookmarks
  • omnibox
  • tab skipping - command 1, 2 = tab 1, 2 etc
  • filing - shift + z adds doesn't move folders

What to use with my own google drive AND setting up students for success for the year:
Google Docs 101!
This was a huge help for me.  Time to tidy up, refresh and renew the skill set.  Boy have I developed some sloppy habits!

  • First - using initials FIRST when naming a doc.  
  • Copy & Paste NOT!  You are actually copying all the formatting, we need to strip it out before pasting so here we go.  Shift command V - pastes WITHOUT formatting will happen.  
  • Voice typing: go to tools 
  • One doc for the month?  This is where you can use heading to mark in the date, students starting out in google docs for the first time find this useful.  Students add date as they add to the writing folder.  
  • EXPLORE - yes that image that sits bottom right of your docs.   Click on it - it enables referencing of any text/images you add through this link...acknowledges in your footer the host of image/text.  Wow that would have taken up to being an A+ student.

Extensions and Addons
Scavenger hunt that checks out the digital skills of your students.
A great number of extensions and Addons were shared today.  Remember to contact your key person in school to have selected addons available to your students. 
Removebg - removing background from images - is soooo choice!

All that I've been exposed today is very useful for my classroom practice and my own personal workflow.  Thanks Gerhard and Dorothy.  Looking forward to week 2 DFI#25.
Kia Ora!


  1. Ka pai Andrea! It's amazing to be part of a group with people who were involved when Manaiakalani was just starting up! I also learnt that ctrl + number moves you between tabs quickly. It's amazing how you can think you know a tool but then there is always more to find out about it!

  2. Kia ora Andrea! Welcome to the DFI. I have a feeling that our 25th cohort is going to be a very special one. It must have been pretty special for you to hear and reflect on the Manaiakalani Origin story. It's great to have some of the "Originals" join us for the 9 weeks. I'm very pleased that you have found today's content useful, its amazing how small changes in the way we do things online can have an impact on our workload!

  3. kia ora Andrea,
    thank you for reminding me of the need to add my own or students initials to the name of a doc making it easy to trace and providing us with added details of the origins of Manaiakalani.