Friday, 13 March 2020

Agenda Day 2, Auckland Cohort 1, 2020

This morning's focus was around the use of google hangouts or google meet as some call them.  In light of the Coronavirus and students around the world being made to stay home from school - this has been a very useful day.  Ubiquitous learning a theme of the day!

Back to hangouts - do not copy what we've done good practice - etiquette, it's important to be in hangout on your own laptop.   Don't worry Sally and I had our own laptops to watch and share through.  Having your own laptop means you are there to participate and also shows an appreciation for the lead speaker in hangout who's prepped for you and the team!

The ability to speak with a group of learners, receive information from a teacher AND give feedback is one which Maniakalani children have - right now!   Should our children be asked to stay home - learning CAN still happen!

In our hands on session using hangouts we were taken through a great presentation that walked us through RATE.
Effective Practice
I especially appreciated the review of the 'Amplify' part of our practice. 
"We amplify our effective practice by using technology to share our professional learning and experiences" Dorothy Burt.  There are two parts to Amplifying - Getting and Giving.  We get - research...find resources.   We give - share our own practice online through our sites, professional blogging etc.

Google Keep - it's a keeper!
Ability to make lists/notes and share with collaborators - like colleagues or whanau.  The grocery list etc that is live and can be checked off.  A keep safe space for quick little notes and links...capture image of text and have it stripped off and presented as plain text.   Great tool to use to support the learner focus closer on selected text.

Gmail: settings is the place to go.  Archiving of emails rather than deleting is a better option to clear inbox.   Having inbox emails as individual or collection of email conversations is something to consider when setting up gmail.  Labelling is a good way to organise work flow according to a group of people or individuals.  Emails will still come through inbox OR you can send directly to label file.

Google Calendar
Handles multiple accounts.  You do not have to share you calendar when inviting individuals to events. 
One Tab app - for those who have issues with having wayyyy to many tabs open.   You can use this to have all the tabs
Bookmarks bar - click on lock and drag onto bookmark bar...delete?  Double finger tap then delete!

Hapara: using dashboard for quick check-ins re 'Is your doc in the right folder' have this on screen acknowledging students as they post in correct folder.

Hangout - put it into practice. 
We made a first attempt to run our own hangouts.  Some learnings from this :)  The default on quicktime screen recording is to have the mic turned off...turn this on or sound won't be captured!  Be ready with what you want to the thinking away from camera if the purpose of hangout is to reflect.  Mute your own mic when you are not sharing - however NOT if you are the person doing screen recording.  Thanks to Sally, Jan and Marie who shared beautifully today via hangouts.
Thanks Dorothy and Gerhard


  1. Way to go Andrea, you make the learning so much fun. Love the snapshots of your learning in action.

    Malo Lava


    1. Malo fo'i Nane, thanks for your comment. Looking forward to week 3!

  2. Kia Ora Andrea.

    I really enjoyed reading your blog post.
    A lot of content covered today, but some real gems.

    Thanks for your what you had to share :)


  3. Hi Andrea,
    I love the way that you have set out your blog post. neat headings and I love the Icon images for Keep etc.
    Sorry that our recorded hangout wasn't successful this week, but on a positive note we can only get better.