Friday, 20 March 2020

Media: Agenda Day 3 - al about CREATE today!

Straight into it - learning to use split screen - 2 seperate screens that we'll be using with our students should we have a period of students staying home and us as teachers teaching via the online portal.  Holding the green button top left will help you do this.

Create: needs to be right there in the centre of what we do! 
Playfully creative people!  Are we not happy to be around such people?  Yes!   Let's see things with a glass half full. 

Imagine what we could do online - distance learning.   Creative juices flow time!  There is research available to us that confirms the importance of creativity.  Kohl (2008) "Creativity focuses on the process of forming original ideas through exploration and discovery.   In children, creativity develops from their experiences with the process, rather than the concern for the finished product.

A great example of this in action is a principal Robin Sutton of Hornby High School has named his school 'School of Creative Excellence'. 
Creativity is at the heart of education.   It's our cultural heritage!

Disengaged learners: do we have them?   My answer is yes.   Here's something to check, are you using create element as an incentive?  For example: if you finish writing the story then you get to create... OR are you using create as part of the learning?  This is what Manaiakalani programme promotes.   Create is PART of the learning process - not a reward at end of doing some 'work'.

Creativity empowers our students, it enables students to take charge of the knowledge they have.

Planning for your learners at home?  Make sure there's lots of create in there!  Get students to hold up things they've created - share photos.   Engage the students daily with creativity in what you plan to present to them daily in class or online due to social distancing.

This session was very helpful in ensuring it's a safe space to post movies that you keep unlisted and free from comments.  A way to eliminate the extras that pop up in sidebars when showing children a video - you embed the playlist into your site. 

Google Draw - wooo hooo!
There are so many things you can create in google draw.   We are having a bit of explore of the many things you can create in this space.
Basic animation right here made in google draws.  Know about arranging background level, object level, rotating and re-sizing using shift key to keep dimensions correct.

Slides as a presentation tool
Providing slides for students is very different to using slides with a hall full of people.  Be clear in your mind about what you are presenting.  Do your images show this - your korero?  For example: at present Dorothy is visiting a number of schools/groups across NZ with the one message children can still learn at home.   Think tweet size statement.   Do this and you'll capture your audience from beginning.

You click 'new' google slides...keynote...powerpoint...ditch the default settings! 
Tips from Dorothy re planning:
Have ideas on post it notes...if they don't fit on notes then you've got too much - cut it back.
Slides are used to create digital content.  Students have created animations where they have borrowed backgrounds and object images.  Other students have created all parts on google draw.  Awesome aye?!  A great idea for home learning that may grow soon.  There's some quick learning to put in place for this to be successful.   Idea from Dorothy - give a task to students to complete using different tools.   Draw a tree - on hyperstudio, google draw, keynote etc.  Beauty of this students will notice how they have skills in one medium and how easy it is to transfer into another app/program.

Deep dive for today - Kent Somerville of Pt England School
Live streaming to youtube, can have it embedded immediately into your school site via youtube.   Your viewers can see your screen with a countdown available.  This happens when you have scheduled an event.  The camera you use needs to have the capability of hosting it's recorded footage online.  
Live streaming covers a whole lot of different events for schools.   The capturing of events in this way is useful for rewindable learning in many learning areas.   A real advantage when learning about spacial awareness on the sports fields etc.   Imagine what you could do in the classroom with live stream!

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